President: Paul Seto

For the past 11 years, I’ve been honored to serve as National Capital Chapter’s President. During this time, I’ve been the most active NCC member: creating and attending thousands of events, promoting our club to current/potential sponsors and members, advertising events to ensure participation and financial strength, and handling day-to-day business operations to continue as the largest, most active, and premier CCA chapter in the US.

Obviously, this takes an incredible amount of time and dedication from all NCC volunteers and I wouldn’t ask for anything more from others than I can do myself. Nothing satisfies me more than watching others have fun and smiling throughout an event. This is what drives me; enhancing the CCA experience so that all can clearly see the value and fun that membership brings.

I can’t do this alone, however, but as President, I can lead this chapter to push the same platform, to share the same enthusiasm, and to elevate our member’s satisfaction each year. If you have believed in me in the past, then I am asking for your support to continue as President and Chief Volunteer of the National Capital Chapter.

Vice-President: James Laws

For the past 6 years I have been honored to serve as our chapter’s Vice President. My focus has been and continues to be to improve the membership experience and introduce new chapter activities, initiatives, and attract new members.
I have worked with a variety of business enterprises to develop new relationships and increase our chapter’s visibility and influence and that of the national organization in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia automotive community.
I am requesting your continued backing for another year as Vice President. I will continue to support our chapter as it moves in new directions and faces new challenges. I will continue to develop opportunities which benefit you, the chapter membership.

Thank you for your support,


Treasurer: John Walker

I have been a proud member of the National Capital Chapter since 2006 and just completing my third year as the chapter’s Treasurer.  I am seeking a fourth consecutive term as Treasurer and would like your support once more.  If re-elected to this position, I will strive to serve the chapter to the best of my ability.
John Walker

Chapter Member ID: 370879

John Walker
BMW Car Club of America

Secretary: Robert Hopkins

I’ve enjoyed being a member of NCC BMWCCA for over 5 years now. I have participated regularly in the autocross, social, and tour programs over that time and in 2019 I am now leading the tours program. I hope to continue bringing the enthusiasm I show for tour planning and execution to the Secretary position taking notes at board meetings, sending pre and post meeting correspondences as well as other communications to all programs of the club. As my first year as Secretary comes to a close I am asking for your support in the role of Secretary for another year.

Thank You,
Robert Hopkins

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