Craftsman Auto Care
Merrifield, VA

Join us for a very special ladies DIY led by instructor Mary Snyder, a seasoned DIY’er, as she leads a session on understanding general maintenance on topics ranging from tire wellness, knowing when you really need brake work, basic maintenance (oil, antifreeze, brake fluid) and more.

A team of our DIY regulars will be on hand to assist each attendee with a full bumper to bumper service & safety inspection. They have the tools and talent – they’re ready work side by side with you guid-ing you through some basic needed maintenance that could include oil change, brake fluid flushes, etc.. At the end of the session you’ll be provided a completed inspection checklist with any recommendations for any additional maintenance.

Never worked on your car before? Then this is perfect beginner’s session that will allow you to demystify what you’ve been paying for and save you money at the same time.

No Experience Necessary
Fabulous swag bag
Skilled DIY pro to work with you

Typical jobs
Oil changes
Fluid changes
Strange noises

Advance Registration $35.

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