High Performance Driving Schools

About Our Instructors

Our instructors come from two basic driving backgrounds: accomplished drivers' school students, and successful amateur (e.g., SCCA) racers. Regardless of their backgrounds, our instructors conform to a uniformly high standard of competence, professionalism, and enthusiasm for teaching. Candidates selected from ... Read More

Area Lodging

The nearest hotels to the track are in Charles Town, West Virginia, and Winchester, Virginia. If you prefer, camping is available at the track for the nights between the days that we rent the track. For example, if we have ... Read More

Directions to Summit Point

Directions below are given to the track (Summit Point, West Virginia) and to the cities hosting the nearest hotels (Charles Town, West Virginia, and Winchester, Virginia). The track is about 1.25 hours from Baltimore and Washington. Please refer to the ... Read More

High-Performance Drivers’ Education

The primary goal of these HPDEs is to develop and hone your car-control skills. It is not how to drive fast, although speed will come with improving skills. We seek to produce not necessarily the fastest, but the most proficient drivers ... Read More

Skid Pad Instruction

While you will learn driving mechanics (i.e., how to brake, corner, and accelerate effectively and precisely) on the track, your skidpad sessions allow us to teach car control (i.e., how to correct for loss of adhesion between your car's tires ... Read More

What We Do

The National Capital Chapter operates two types of driving schools: High Performance Drivers' Education and Tire Rack Street Survival. While the methods of instruction and the target audience for these schools differ, they share a common goal giving you the ... Read More

Driving School
DSSC Chairman – Gordon Kimpel – gmkimpel@gmail.com
Coordinator – Scott Reiman – skreiman@hotmail.com
Joe Geadrities – hpdereg@nccbmwcca.org
Mike Meyer - registrarMMeyer@nccbmwcca.org
Chief Instructor – Dennis Pippy – dlpippy2012@gmail.com
Student Representative – Emrah Kocak – aliemrahk@yahoo.com
Instructor Representative – Tim Bradford – bradfta@yahoo.com
Technology Chair – Tommy Ivic – tomboyivic@yahoo.com
Promotion and Communications – Fraser Dachille – frd206@nyu.edu

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