NCC BMW MD Tags process

We are now taking applications for Maryland license plates



Cost: one-time $25 (to MVA)
In order to obtain Maryland License Tags, you must have the car registered and titled (with your name included) in the state of Maryland.

The process for acquiring an NCC tag for Maryland.

  1. You must be a National Chapter Chapter member with a current active BMW CCA membership.
  2. Your car must currently have a valid MD registration with a set of hard (metal) plates.  We cannot process if the car is on paper or temporary tags.
  3. Fill in the requested information. Make sure you enter the correct mailing address, email, and your telephone number. When the request is received, you will be contacted.
  4. NCCBMWCCA will work with you to complete and submit the plate application to MVA/MDOT.
  5. NCCBMWCCA is working directly with MVA/MDOT to ensure all data is proper and organizational tags are received as fast as possible.

The MDOT team estimates 4-6 weeks turnaround for issuing new tags. Any questions, contact me at