Sim Racing

BMW CCA NCC Sim Racing Program – 2022 Fall Season Race Format:

Tuesday Unofficial Race Format (starting at 8:00 PM EST):
8:00 – 8:20 20 min Open Practice
8:20 – 8:40 20 min Open Qualifying
8:40 – 9:00 20 min Unofficial Race
Wednesday Unofficial Race Format (starting at 8:00 PM EST):
8:00 – 8:30 30 min Open Practice
8:30 – 9:00 30 min Open Qualifying
9:00 – 9:15 15 min Unofficial Race #1 (reverse grid all)
9:15 – 9:30 15 min Unofficial Race #2 (reverse grid all)

Thursday Official Race Format (starting at 7:00 PM EST):
7:00 – 8:00 60 min Open Practice
8:00 – 8:20 20 min Open Qualifying
8:20 – 9:00 40 min OFFICIAL RACE

● By participating in this league and races, it is assumed that you have read these rules in their entirety and understand the rules and penalties.


  • Car: M8 GTE
  • Time of day will vary
  • Weather: automatically generated
  • Track condition: autogenerated, carried over, but the marbles will be cleaned between the sessions
  • Fuel level: 40%
  • Setup: fixed iRacing setup
  • Fast repairs: 1
  • Start type: rolling start on official race (unofficial race start may vary)
  • In-racing incident penalty system (i.e. drive-through penalty):
    • First 17x then every 6x thereafter
  • Race weeks dropped: 2
  • Points system: top 15 drivers are awarded with points linearly (i.e. 15 down to 1 for first 15 positions)
    • Equal points earned in qualifying and in races
    • Extra 1 point to the fastest lap in the race!
    • Points are aggregated for each race week and count toward the overall standings
  • We broadcast our official races on Thursday nights. Our official broadcast is VSPEED (


  • We use iRacing as our simulated racing program. You must be a member of iRacing.
  • There are multiple steps required to participate in this league:
  1. You must join our iRacing league to participate, please search and apply under BMW CCA NCC League in iRacing..
    • You must have iRacing road racing license class of D or higher, safety rating (SR) of 2.50 or higher, AND iRating of 1200 or higher to be accepted into the league.
  2. We will also use dedicated Discord channel for league communication. Discord channel info will be sent out once you join the league.
  • New members are accepted up to Tuesday of each week. We do not accept new applicants on official race day on Thursday.
  • You must have a good, working headset with a microphone to participate in order to communicate with other drivers. Please do a mic check when you join the session.
    • iRacing radio button is the official communication channel, use it to alert other drivers (not via Discord).
  • You must run Crew Chief as your iRacing spotter (
  • You must also run Trading Paints to display required sponsor stickers on your car (


  • This is a friendly but serious, community-based, non-contact sim racing league.
    • You must respect other drivers’ skill levels and speed – i.e. be predictable, anticipate drivers action/reaction front and behind you, do not play dirty, make a safe and clean pass when/where you can, etc.
  • Blocking: there's NO blocking in this league. We follow section of the iRacing Sporting Code. No reactionary moves allowed.
  • Flag rule: in this league, if you're under the blue flag (i.e., you're a lap down, etc.) then you must YIELD to the faster car coming up behind you where it's safe to do so and yield quickly. If you can, try to use iRacing radio button to communicate that you see them and let them know when to pass and where.
  • Side-by-side or alongside rule: Front tires of overlapping car is ahead of rear tires of leading car. If this is not established then you do not have the right to upcoming apex, therefore, you either – back out or expect that you’re going to get cut. Therefore, any incident caused by the trailing car may be penalized.
  • Under-braking and punting: Do NOT rely on the brake lights of the car in front of you, because there is a delay when you see the light and when you brake due to internet connection speed, etc. DO anticipate (brake early if you have to), so that you do not punt the car going into the turns. It is the responsibility of the trailing car to ensure they do not punt the car in front. You should assume the car in front will make the apex. Brake checking is NOT allowed whatsoever.
  • Entering the (hot) track: When entering the hot track from the pit, always check your mirrors and use iRacing’s Relative box for incoming traffic. Wait for the entire field if you have to. Announce that you are exiting the pit and do not swerve over to racing line immediately. Always stay offline until the next corner then safely merge back to racing line. The cars already on track have the right of way all the way through the first turn after pit exit.
  • Off-track entry: Similarly, if your car goes off-track (wheels dropped, spun, etc.) – 1. Slam on the brake, come to a stop, 2. Check your mirrors, 3. Check your Relative box, then 4. Safely merge back onto the track. Stop and wait for all the traffic to go by if you have to – do not roll/move, swerve, and jump back onto the track and cause incidents. You must be predictable. If you drop 2-wheels, ride it out carefully then safely merge back onto track, do not just jump back onto track and cause spin or incidents to others. Penalties will compound if you do not pay attention to your surroundings and disregard other racers.
  • Formation lap (for rolling start): swerving, weaving, dragging brakes, or slamming on the brakes is prohibited. Please stay close but leave enough space in front and side of your car at all times and be careful not to hit other cars.
    • You also cannot jump start before the green flag drops, therefore, maintain your position until green flag drops. If you are in P1 at the start, then hold your position and maintain the grid on track until the green flag drops.
    • You cannot use off track or cheat to gain advantage then merge back onto track. You will be subject to disqualification.
  • Slow down penalties, damaged cars and brake checking:
    • If a car is going to be significantly off pace for any reason, including slow down penalties or damage, it is the responsibility of slow car to behave in a predictable fashion so faster drivers can make a safe pass.
    • Applying brakes or purposely slowing down (e.g. at the exit of the turn) to serve a slowdown penalty without first checking mirrors for following traffic AND not announcing you are serving a slowdown penalty will be considered brake checking. It is best to pull off-line predictably and completely to one side of a straight, and lift after checking for following traffic and announcing you will be slowing down. You must be back up to full race speed before merging back onto the racing line and let others know that you are about to merge if possible
    • Damaged cars that do not steer straight or require heavy braking that end up significantly off the pace will be considered to either be driving erratically, blocking, or brake checking if an incident occurs. Be considerate of your fellow drivers and facilitate passing on straights or even pull-off the track and tow as necessary.
  • ALWAYS beware of your surroundings, when in doubt play it safe and coordinate with others.
  • It is the responsibility of the car behind to maintain control, especially in reverse grid situations. The overtaking car is responsible to adhere to the above “side by side or alongside rule”.
  • We do not condone drivers who casually show up time to time, “practice” during the official race, etc. It is strongly encouraged that you practice on your own, participate on league hosted practice race sessions, and be ready by Thursday race.
  • Your actions will be monitored, noted, and will be reviewed by race stewards after the race if you cause any incident(s), protested or not. Incidents during the first lap will receive additional scrutiny.  See league penalty system below.
  • Similarly, at any time, if you continue to drive overly aggressive and cause multiple incidents to others (i.e. knocking them out of race, playing dirty, taking advantage of other good drivers, etc.) then you may be asked to sit out the next race whether protested or not.
  • Intentional targeting, hitting, or retaliation, will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the league immediately.
  • Any type of “teamwork” is prohibited. For example, if it’s deemed that you are conspiring or working with each other to slow down, block traffic, etc. then everyone involved will be remove from the league.
  • If you are having equipment failure (e.g. steering wheel malfunction, shifting issues, etc.), network connectivity issues (“blinking” severely in the race), computer glitches, etc. and unable to drive predictably, potentially cause incidents, and interfere with other drivers then you should not participate on official race nights and you will be asked to sit out the race.
  • Practice sessions are to be taken seriously – if you interfere with other driver’s practice, crash intentionally, hit other cars for no reason or for fun, or do not take it seriously, then you will be removed from that session immediately. Practice like you race on official race day.
  • The final 2 races of the seasons are often where the league championship will be decided. To ensure the highest quality racing for these important races, only drivers who have participated in at least 3 prior races during the season will be eligible for the last 2 races."
  • If some of these rules are frequently violated and ignored, then you can be removed from this league with or without notification.
  • Remember, race hard but keep it CLEAN. The race is not won on the first lap. Be nice to each other.  We are in this together!


  • This is a sim racing PROGRAM offered by NCC. Although, it is never pleasant to hand out penalties, they are put in place due to repeated patterns over time, and in order to provide safe and clean racing environment for all to enjoy.  Remember, this is a NO contact, friendly racing league, and we will strive to keep it clean during the race.
  • The penalty system only applies to official races and will be strictly enforced (no exceptions). We trust that you drive well within your limits and mindful of your actions to other drivers and own up your mistakes.
  • We do not (currently) employ race stewards during the race. Every incident will be different, therefore, all penalties will be reviewed and decided post-race by stewards.
    • We will keep track of incidents per driver each week for that season (protested or not protested).
  • In order to eliminate first lap incidents, we have a tight penalty system in place for the first lap of each race (including but not limited to):
    • 5-point deduction: regardless of reason, if you cause any incidents, damage, or contacts to other cars, then you will be penalized. You do not want to start the race with damaged cars.
    • Situations such as ignoring cold tires, driving overly aggressive, loss of control, locking up, rear ending, diving into turns (without establishing side-by-side as mentioned in the rule), pushing other cars off the road, unsafe entry back to track, slow down penalty, jumping before the green flag during formation lap, etc. So, think twice before performing an aggressive move in lap 1 when your tires and brakes are cold and the traffic is dense.
    • If you cause an incident, you’ll end up losing more season points than you would have gained by making a pass.
    • If you cause first lap incidents 2 weeks in a row, you will be asked to sit out the next race. All incidents will be recorded for all to see per race.
    • If you go off on your own without causing issues to others, then you are not penalized.
    • If you go off track to avoid incidents then you will not be penalized.
    • If multiple cars caused incidents, then they will all be penalized.
  • After the first lap, additional penalties will apply (including but not limited to) to each race:
    • 4-point deduction: for causing incidents and taking out other cars out of the race such as punting other cars under braking (e.g. “I locked up” is no longer an excuse), dive bomb without establishing side-by-side rule as described, intentional swerving, hitting, blocking, brake checking, unsafe entry back to track and not paying attention to other cars, etc.
      • It can be protested and penalized even if there was no contact or incident, i.e. divebomb without establishing side-by-side as described in the rule.
      • Any incidents the stewards deem to be due to negligence or against the spirit of this no contact friendly league.
    • 3-point deduction:
      • For unsafe pit exit: ALWAYS assume that the track is hot, wait until the cars go by, stay offline until the next turn, then safely blend into the traffic. The car(s) on track has the right of way, therefore, YIELD to incoming cars.
      • For unsafe handling of slow down: fail to notify other drivers of slow down penalty or driving slow around the track in the race due to mechanical problem and causing incidents, fail to safely move out of the way (offline or hold your line, again let others know), fail to safely merge back to race when the penalty clears, blocking and slowing down other drivers on purpose, etc.
      • For unsafe entry back onto track
    • 2-point deduction:
      • For ignoring blue flag for 2 corners or more
      • Penalty will compound for each car you ignore
    • 1-point deduction:
      • For not wearing league specific iRacing paint template.
  • If a driver has multiple incidents within a single race or in back-to-back races, the driver will sit out the next race.
  • If incidents continue, then the stewards reserve the right to disqualify the offending driver for the rest of the current season.
  • If you go off on your own without causing issues to others, then you are not penalized.
  • Equal fault incidents or racing incidents will result in all drivers involved receiving lap 1 penalties.
  • Penalty points will be deducted post-race against your overall standings and it is not limited to a single incident – e.g., if you unsafely merge from the pit (3-point deduction) and knock out another racer (4-point deduction), then you will be hit with total of -7 points at a minimum, and thereafter.
  • Finally, repeatedly ignoring league rules (not wearing paint template, no etiquette, poor attitude, taking advantage of other good drivers, etc.) and disregarding other drivers in general, you will be removed from the league. Once again, this is a friendly, non-contact racing league, and we do not condone repeated and unsafe behaviors.


  • Our race stewards are made up of: sim racing program chair and committee, and drivers with significant racing experiences and in good standings in this league.
  • All first lap incidents will be reviewed every week whether protested or not. Other laps’ incidents will be reviewed per request.  It is the discretion of the stewards to review any incident on any lap.  Message the race stewards after the race if you were involved in an incident that you would like the race stewards to review and evaluate for penalties.
  • You have 24 hours to make a protest to any of the race stewards by Friday night of that race week. Make a protest by sending a private message.  They will review and decide by Sunday when weekly race results and report are posted.
  • Not all incidents are reported or protested, but the program committee will make note of the incidents and we reserve the right to remove repeated offenders from the league.
  • Penalty system is in place to protect good drivers, encourage others to communicate and coordinate with each other to provide safe and clean racing environment, and promote your racing skills. Again, we do not hit each other in this league.  It is designed to reward those who show up every week, practice hard, and strive to drive clean every week.  We do not want to discourage other drivers who may be new to sim racing, or who fail to finish the race due to other drivers’ bad behaviors.  Therefore, control your emotions, enhance your situational awareness, and learn to be comfortable in racing situations.  Again, the race is not won on the first lap. When in doubt, play it safe!


We use dedicated Discord channel (you have to be a member of the league to be invited in). We have to protect our brand (BMW CCA and the chapters) and most importantly sponsors (who make this possible especially broadcast coverage). Therefore, in general, when you post on Discord, please do not post competing interests, do respect other members, and do not trash/clutter the channels. Here are some general guidelines for posting.

  • You must use full, real name.
  • Do not advertise other league or program without prior discussion/permission with the program committee. g. if you want to advertise, it needs to go both ways, advertise us and we advertise you, etc.
  • Do not recruit members into your league, cannibalize, or take advantage of this league (again, at a minimum, it needs to work both ways).
  • Do not post personal racing (your channel/stream, etc.) or promote something that is unrelated to and doesn’t benefit the league, i.e. do not clutter channel with irrelevant information.
  • Our official broadcaster is VSPEED, and unofficial streaming/review is done by race stewards.
  • Do not post conflicting or competing materials to the league and to our sponsors.
  • Don’t post political, or vulgar materials.
  • Personal attacks, cursing, or arguing about race incidents are prohibited.
  • When in doubt, ask before you post, if any of these guidelines are violated, then it will be removed without a warning.


  • We require mandatory sponsor logo template to be used in our cars. They are placed such that you still have maximum space to paint your car to your preference!
  • You are required to run Trading Paints so your livery can be seen during the broadcast.
  • Modification to the template may be allowed under the following conditions:
    • Sponsor logos may be moved, but they must remain equally visible. The current side skirt location is considered highly visible. Logos in other locations will likely need to be increased in size to have equal visibility.
    • Sponsor logos may be changed to either black or white, but any colors must match the original colors of the logo provided in the template.
    • Any modifications may be rejected by the league administrators if they judge that the league sponsor logos don’t meet the visibility goals
  • It is important that we recognize our wonderful sponsors, so additional placements of sponsor logos on your custom livery is encouraged! Logos are included in the template as well as Discord “sponsor logos” channel.
  • If you are a member of other BMW CCA chapters, you are more than welcome to display your chapter logo on your car for everyone to see where you are from.
  • We also ask that drivers are mindful of what you put on your car – i.e. no direct advertising with conflict of interest to the sponsors, no vulgar or political paintings, etcc.


  • This league and broadcasting are not possible without help from our sponsors and donations.
  • We have multiple sponsorship opportunities available, please see the flyer below.
  • Please consider sponsoring us and help grow this popular exciting eSports league!


  • Program chair: Scott Kim
  • Program committee: Brian Kennedy and Dean Thuline

Questions, comments, suggestions, sponsorship inquiries, etc. please contact NCC sim racing team:

“The cars may be virtual, but the race is REAL!”

last updated: Aug 31, 2022