If you’ve never been Karting before, you should not be intimidated. We sincerely invite you to come out. Newcomers learn very quickly and can do very well.  This event is not for men only.  We welcome participation by ladies as well.

The racing is based on qualifying times, so you will race with and against those at about the same level.  You will get a practice session as the first activity of the day.  We are very willing to coach anyone who would like some help.  Please don’t be afraid to ask.

Go Karts for Recreation and Competition.
A Great Time to Learn and Have Fun.

Ready for the Start

Want to do some real head to head racing? Go Kart racing allows for real racing in a fun, low speed environment. Improve your car control skills. Learn how to pass competitors. See yourself improve as you refine the skills required to be quick and your lap time improves. No experience required just the desire to have fun. We use real racing go karts. This isn’t bumper cars at the county fair, this is real racing in a go kart intended for racing. Rubbing might be racing in NASCAR, but not here. We want to prevent any damage to the karts so that we have them in good condition each time out.

High cornering speeds.

We are planning for a regular series of monthly racing events from Spring to Fall.  For more experienced and new drivers alike, this is an opportunity for real racing on a regular basis at a very reasonable cost. Experienced or new, all are welcome; come join us if you can.

Close racing.

We utilize the outdoor track and karts provided by United Karting at BWI.  You can check out their webpage at United Karting at BWI.

United Karting at BWI
7206 Ridge Road
Hanover, MD 21076

Each day consists of the following agenda:

  • Practice
  • Qualifying
  • Race
  • Cost – $75

REQUIREMENTS: You must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. Second, you need a good attitude.  We will all follow the rules set by United Karting, show good sportsmanship, and respect our fellow racers.

United Karting Policy of Operation:

  • Enhanced frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of helmets, suits, and karts.
  • Implemented the required purchase of head socks if using a rental helmet, it is highly recommended to bring your own.
  • Mandated that masks be worn while on the premises, we will have disposable masks available for customers.
  • UK has provided sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
  • We continue to emphasize the importance of personal hygiene to all staff and volunteers, including frequent hand washing and regular use of sanitizer.
  • We are taking all possible steps to inform participants and staff on the importance of maintaining appropriate distancing in our facility.


We recommend that you bring your own helmet.


Steve Tenney – steve.tenney@nccbmwcca.org
Craig Walters – craig.walters@nccbmwcca.org