COVID-19 Response

National Capital Chapter COVID-19 Update 3/16/20

To the members of National Capital Chapter,
We have received questions from members in regard to upcoming events in the face of the current COVID-19 outbreak. 
The National Capital Chapter is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our members, chapter leaders, boards, staff, and guests. The NCC board is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and all communications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); federal, state, and local governmental agencies; BMWCCA National; and local health officials to keep ahead of this ever-changing situation.
It is now clear that large gatherings, particularly those that are held indoors, are not advisable. DC and Maryland governments have prohibited gatherings of more than 250 people, while Virginia has banned more than 100 people and the CDC is asking any gathering over 50 people be postponed for 8 weeks.  Governor Hogan between orders in past days and today has closed all bars, malls, movie theatres and restaurants except for carryout/delivery until further notice.
The NCC Board has decided Chapter events will continue on a case by case basis.  All AX and Touring events have been postponed/canceled at least for the next 8 weeks in accordance with the CDC recommendation, the Karting points season is being postponed as the venue has decided to postpone opening and Socials are canceled for March.  Concours, Driving School, DIY, M-School and Street Survival events will continue with the guidance issued below though this may change in the future. We will follow the direction of the CDC and all federal, state, and local governmental regulatory bodies and agencies and update as needed.  We will post updates to the chapter website and Facebook as well as send out email blasts to communicate any changes to our activities.  Please check regularly and don’t hesitate to contact organizers to confirm events are happening.
That being said if you are feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who is confirmed positive, we ask you to please stay home.  We’ll catch you next time when you’re feeling better! Most of our chapter events have refund policies if you cancel within a certain window before the event or are paid at the door.  Remember common sense at events, avoid physical contact like shaking hands/hugging each other in greeting and wash hands regularly when possible especially after coughing or sneezing.  Practice social distancing; it is recommended that you maintain 6ft from others when possible.  It is recommended you bring your own hand sanitizer and we encourage you to share with others.  The club will make attempts to provide hand sanitizer to share ourselves, but there are no guarantees.  
Below are program specific notes:
Autocross:  Points Events 1 and the Novice School have been canceled, we are attempting to reschedule based on availability at the venue for a later date. The remaining events this season are still on. Events will continue to utilize outdoor spaces and avoid confined and/or poor air circulation areas. 
It is highly recommended you bring your own helmet and pen/pencil for signing any waivers we want to avoid mass use of any writing implements by all participants.  
We will stop the loaner helmet program for our events until this virus situation is under control.  We will provide additional guidance as changes occur or are necessary. 
Practice social distancing when possible, we will do our best to minimize the time(s) that people are gathered in large groups.  Blue Crabs Stadium has public bathrooms so take breaks often from the action to wash your hands.
If we need to, we may have to cancel individual events; however, we will issue full refunds to all events that are cancelled
Concours: Deutsche Marque Concours has moved to Occoquan State Park and is still happening at this time.  Avoid physical contact and practice social distancing during the event.  See the Deutsche Marque website for updates and keep an eye on your email for further details.
DIY: We will continue events as usual. An email will go out ahead of the event from the organizer confirming that the venue is still on.  In light of what’s happening with Coronavirus please follow the recommended protocols that, at this point, you should be familiar with.
Coffee and donuts will be provided in the morning. Use tongs to grab your donuts
Lunch – please use individual or serving utensils when plating your food (both provided)
Other beverages, including water. Please bring from home
Driving Tours: We are postponing the Dust off and North of the Border Tours.  They will be rescheduled for some time during the summer. Other tours will continue on schedule at this point, but that may change. While on a tour practice Social Distancing during the morning briefing and avoid physical contact with other tour goers when possible.  Keep an eye on your email for updates.
Driving School: Events will continue as usual.  Summit Point is an outdoor venue aside from classroom time and the foodcourt.  Practice social distancing during events and avoid physical contact.  Check Summit Point Raceway’s website for venue updates.
Karting: United Karting is delaying their opening due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  They will reassess next week.  We will send out updates confirming if events are canceled to those that sign up for any reason.  The venue is an outdoor venue.  Check United Karting’s website for venue updates.
M-School: Events will continue as usual. For the most part folks are outdoors in seperate cars. We will provide updates when necessary.
Social: Per Hogan’s order to close restaurants, we are canceling the March Rockville social, we will review the situation and will inform members if we decide to cancel additional upcoming socials.  When they start back up remember to avoid physical contact and practice social distancing when possible.  The restaurants have restrooms so feel free to use them during the event.
Street Survival: Events will continue as usual at this point.  Blue Crabs Stadium is outdoors and public restrooms with running water are available so wash hands frequently.  Avoid physical contact and practice social distancing when possible. More updates will be available via email in the future.
We are in unprecedented territory. While what we do is important and fun, we must keep things in perspective.  The safety and security of our members, event participants and volunteers remains our highest priority. Thank you for your membership in and support of the National Capital Chapter and BMW Car Club of America. We look forward to serving you during the 2020 event season and in the future.  Let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your understanding.
President – Paul Seto –
Vice President – James Laws –
Treasurer  – John Walker –
Secretary – Robert Hopkins –
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