Prep Yourself for AX/HPDE Season, presented by RRT

Are you a HPDE or autocross veteran, or new to the sport and looking for a way to take your passion for BMWs to the next level? Join us on Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00pm EDT to hear from several experts on topics including:

  • Driver development 
  • Driving dynamics and evolving car control
  • Static vs dynamic balance
  • Data Analysis

For those who attended our previous HPDE/AX webinars know that a big topic was car setup. This more advanced webinar will focus mostly on developing the driver.

We will also spend some time getting to know Paul F. Gerrard, ‘The Stig’. Between his book, The Optimum Drive: The Road Map to Driving Greatness, lifelong expertise in driving instruction, and a few great stories from years past, this will be a great webinar to learn to be a better driver and have fun doing it. 


Matt Olson- President, Road Race Technologies, Inc
Paul F. Gerrard (aka The Stig)- accomplished professional race car driver and former head instructor at Jim Russel Racing Drivers School
Joe Geadrities- NCC HPDE chairman
Fraser Dachille- NCC Autocross chairman
Todd Bacastow- NCC Webinar Host & Moderator

View this event here. Passcode: 6xQ?Khd&