X-Driving Events

Tire Rack Street Survival School

This is not your high school driver’s ed class.

The primary emphasis of the Street Survival school is a “hands-on” driving experience simulating real-world situations. We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control the car in emergency and accident-avoidance situations.

This is not a course for learning how to drive your car at high speeds. Safety and car control are our objectives. Saving your life is the result!

Visit our Street Survival page for details.

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High Performance Driving School

The primary emphasis of the High Performance Driving School is a “hands-on” driving experience in your own car, on a race track, with a BMW CCA Driving Instructor sitting beside you. In addition to one-on-one instruction with your instructor, classroom sessions help teach the theory that you then will apply, at high speeds, on the racetrack.

This school has groups for any skill level, from novice to very experienced students who want to take their skills up one more notch!

Visit our High Performance Driving School page for details.




Autocrossing is a timed event on a closed course where balance and car control play important roles in successfully navigating the course. Laid out in a large open space, the course is designated by orange cones and includes a variety of low and higher speed turns.

Visit our Autocross page for details.

E36 Autocross

E30 Autocross