Driving Events

The National Capital Chapter offers a wide array of driving events.

  • Autocross Competition
  • Street Survival
  • High Performance Driving Schools
  • Club Racing
  • Driving Tours


Autocross is a fun, cheap, safe way to test your car and test your abilities in a controlled environment. The events are run using challenging courses defined in parking lots with traffic cones. The season starts with fun runs, moves into timed competition, and culminates with the annual top driver shootout.  Coaching is available, and encouraged. Any safe, sound car is allowed. More Information

High Performance Driving Schools

High Performance Driver Education is the pinnacle of our driver education program. These are driving schools held on local race tracks. But don’t let the venue fool you, they are educational events, not races. This 20+ year old program has a corp of instructors with a great depth of skill in driver training and vehicle dynamics. Unlike events held by some organizations, an instructor is always with novices, and is always available to experienced students.  We have class room instruction that is tailored for the specific needs of novice, intermediate or advanced students. Our events emphasize seat time behind the wheel.

BMW CCA Club Racing

For those who just need a little more, BMW CCA Club Racing is there for you. Races are held by various chapters nation-wide.