Driving Tours

Looking for a fun day trip to get out of town, socialize with fellow BMW owners and to enjoy your “Ultimate Driving Machine?” Then a NCC Tour may be just what you’re looking for! Tours are social group drives to local points of interest around Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia via the scenic route.

The tours typically consist of a half-day to a full-day of driving and are run once or twice a month Spring through Fall. Wineries, Museums, Restaurants, Creameries, Orchards, Scenic Overlooks are example destinations. We try to spread the tours out to hit all regions of the Chapter. It is at most an hour’s drive to the tour’s start location from Baltimore, Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia, but often even less for some.

On a typical tour day, we meet in the morning in a roomy parking lot or local eatery where you’ll check in with one of our Tourmeisters. Once everyone has arrived, we’ll have a drivers’ meeting where directions are handed out, a summary of the day’s events mentioned, radio channels set and the tour rules are read to all participants. Then, we line up and set off. If the group is large enough we may split up the group with a Tourmeister leading each group. We try to take the scenic route to our destination avoiding major roadways to keep the drive interesting. If a tour is longer than an hour and half drive we’ll stop every hour or so to take a break and enjoy a scenic spot or maybe grab fuel or a snack, until we reach our destination.

Check out the NCC Calendar and Motorsportreg here for upcoming events. Events registration is done through Motorsportreg.com and costs $10 per car. For 2020, we have 12 tours planned including pre-90s only and X-BMW only tours, so stay tuned….

Tours – Robert Hopkins – robert.hopkins@nccbmwcca.org